Our Officers

Mary Thomson

A message from Mary

“Some of the inaugural members of the Society have invited me to be your next President, and after a discussion about the continuance of the Thomson name I decided to accept. 

I know you were all so fond of Peter, so I am both honored and happy to keep the Thomson name there, for I know Peter’s heart was very much with the James Braid Society.”

Peter Stanbrook

I joined the JBGS after playing in the match at North Hants in 1998, when Justin Rose turned out for the club. I’ve had such fun and met such lovely people ever since, all in the name of celebrating a towering figure from the early days of professional golf. What a legacy James Braid left and what fine values he showed, something to maintain and pass on to future generations.

Tony Gill

I am not only lucky enough to live in Brora, but also to have the enviable, and sometimes unenviable job of being the General Manager at Brora Golf Club. Despite this larger than life day job, I find the time to deal with the role of Treasurer for the JBGS which enables us to continue to claim that ‘Brora is the spiritual home of the JBGS’.

Alison Stanbrook
Admin Secretary

I volunteered to undertake the role of Admin Secretary to the JBGS without really realising what I was letting myself in for. However, the rewards are terrific, great people to play golf with, wonderful courses to play on and learning all about how a website works. It’s great, if sometimes a little challenging.